Our data set is a multitude of publicly-available driving datasets and data platforms have been raised for autonomous vehicles (AV). However, the heterogeneities of databases in size, structure and driving context make existing datasets practically ineffective due to a lack of uniform frameworks and searchable indexes. In order to overcome these limitations on existing public datasets ...

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Data collection: MKZ platform with the equipped sensors and devices

The costumed Lincoln MKZ CAV research platform is equipped with multiple types of sensors, including DSRC, By-wire Control, 2 ECUs, and other ancillary equipments. The operating system of the two ECUs was Linux, Ubuntu 16.04. The Robot Operation System(ROS) was used as the middleware interface...

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Test Routine: test trip vehicle trajectory with different scenarios

During the trip, the Lincoln MKZ conducted the following behaviors: 1) started and made a left turn; 2) went straight while following the target car; 3) accelerated and changed left; 4) kept the speed, went straight, and overpassed the target car; 5) slowed down and made a right turn...
The whole behavior is segmented to eight primitives with different colors...

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Sample uses of the dataset

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